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About the Podcast:
Underneath the Hood with Glen & Dave

Meet Glen Hayward and Dave Martin, two ordinary men who have worked hard and consistently over the years to create extraordinary businesses in the auto repair industry. Hailing from humble beginnings but now enjoying fulfilling lives with sweet families, close friends, expert coworkers, and successful businesses, Glen and Dave haven’t forgotten where they came from. They also know where they’re headed.

In this podcast, you’ll hear about their experiences in the School of Hard Knocks – how they’ve learned what TO do and what NOT to do in an effort to serve people better and grow their businesses. You’ll get an insider’s view of the automotive industry but also learn tips that can be useful for any business that serves people. And as a vehicle owner, you’ll gain a better understanding behind what it takes to bring you the top quality, honest auto repair services you enjoy today.

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About Your Hosts

Shop Owners & Auto Repair Experts Local to Phoenix, AZ

Glen Hayward, owner of Good Works Auto Repair

Glen Hayward

Owner of Good Works Auto Repair

Glen Hayward was born in Milwaukee, WI, a far cry from sunny Tempe, AZ. But his childhood experiences played a significant role in where life would lead him.

Growing up with a father who worked on cars, it wasn’t long before Glen learned to do the same. He found that he absolutely loved working with his hands, whether it be turning a wrench or remodeling a home. After working for many years at a prison and working his way up through the ranks, he realized that he was earning more money servicing people’s vehicles than he was at the prison. It was then that he decided to start Good Works Auto Repair, a family-run auto repair and maintenance shop in Tempe, AZ.

Over the years, Good Works Auto Repair has grown from 3 to 15 service bays. This enables Glen and his team of dedicated automotive experts to repair and service cars from all over Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and more. Working closely with his wife, RaeAnn, Glen continues to run his business with honesty and integrity. Operating under the motto of ‘We advise but YOU decide’, Good Works Auto Repair aims to offer top quality auto repair advice and provide exceptional customer service … to every single customer, every single time.

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Dave Martin, owner of Martin's Auto Repair

Dave Martin

Owner of Martin’s Auto Repair

Although born in North Dakota, Dave Martin now enjoys serving customers at his auto repair shop in Central Phoenix. He hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings, however.

Dave remembers when his dad took over a local Chevron full-service gas station. And, even though he was born with Spina Bifida, Dave’s parents never treated him any differently than his siblings. That meant being allowed to help out with the family business, from weeding beds to pumping gas for customers. When his dad eventually retired, Dave bought the family business which had also begun to include auto repair and maintenance services in addition to selling gas.

Now, Dave is the proud owner of Martin’s Auto Repair which has been serving the Phoenix, AZ community for over 50 years. He works closely with his wife Bonita, affectionately known around the shop as Bo, to not only fix people’s vehicles but also provide the best customer experience. Dave and his team actively take part in the community they call home, paying their success forward by volunteering at and supporting various local organizations to make the Phoenix area better for everyone.

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